Wow, celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2020, thanks to our wonderful family of customers. Not much has changed in our attention to detail. We still believe that whatever customer order we are working on,at that moment, is most important and given our complete attention to detail.

Our simple and unsophisticated beginnings has grown to that which is new about us. Many of you know that we only screen printed on t shirts, polo shirts, tote bags, etc. in the beginning. Then we branched out into embroidery and later began offering branding on promotional products which covers virtually anything imaginable.

Now, with Covid, we have been deluged with all the new personal protective equipment available in the market. We continue to research the latest trends and best suppliers. We have time proven experience to assist you with any difficulties that may arise as a consequence of supply chain interruptions due to Covid.

Of course we have had many requests for face masks. Current national news has been released and states that not all neck gaiters are created equal. To be sure just contact us and we will explain the difference between the good, average and non effective gaiters.

We are happy to share our experience and help you sort through the many new products currently being offered. Whether printing Tshirts, embroidering hats, branding face masks or any item you need, we are here to help you make whatever decision is right for you.

Currently as in the past we will continue to offer our entire branded line to you and g-d willing into the future. Keep in touch, let us hear from you and whenever you are ready, rest assured, we are too. May G-d bless you all. Our hope is that you continue to stay safe and healthy.

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