A T-Shirt Prince was born in January of 1995 by Margo and Dennis who have continued to be the driving force to the present.  Dennis came from a manufacturing background in plastic injection molding.  Somewhat related he feels that screen printing, although challenging at times, seems like arts and crafts by comparison.  He still enjoys going into the shop to this very day.  Margo, on the other hand, has a background from the garment center in New York City.  Having graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, she immediately landed a job with a large manufactuing firm.  Her keen eye for color landed her a position where she became a renowned colorist in the industry. This trait enabled her to match colors from memory as she traveled between various factories throughout the world making sure each fabric was dyed to match. Eventually she left that part of her professional life and became the first ever, sales rep for Fedex covering the Caribbean from Bermuda to Aruba. Always exceeding her sales quotas she began to yearn for a new challenge.  She had a drive to own her own business, and so the seeds were sown.   After meeting each other through a mutual friend on the Seminole Indian Reservation in Hollywood, Florida, the two of them began to brainstorm about making a new life together. 


In the beginning they came up with a few custom tshirt prints that consisted of some simple clip art for a boat racing regatta in Lake Worth, Florida. Quickly they learned from that experience that doing the actual tshirt printing would best suit their needs since they wanted to become experts in tshirt printing, not the designing and selling a preprint line. Their main focus since then has been tshirt printing along with printing other types of apparel.  Thus, thsir clients market their t-shirt prints while Dennis and Margo devote their talents and energies to the expertise of tshirt printing. 


Today their clients seek special, off the chart ink colors that may or may not require the Pantone Matching System (PMS).  Over the years they  have become quite expert at these custom ink tshirts which are specially formulated in their shop for a nominal fee. If you have the need for tshirt printing for your business, club, school, camp or that special event, feel free to contact A T-Shirt Prince. They are not for everyone; their most cost effective pricing on tshirts is based on a minimum of 25 pieces. However, they have been known to print a few less and still be cost effective. Since 1995 when A T-Shirt Prince embellished only clothing, primarily by screen printing, much has changed. Throughout the years many different venues have been added according to their customer needs.  Embroidery and Direct To Garment were added to the tshirt printing business along with Promotional Items. It became apparent after receiving requests for everything imprinted under the sun, that it was time to add a Complete Line of Promotional Items to the mix.  Today they  can deliver, even the most obscure item, on time and at the right price.


As the company has grown throughout the years, they have kept many of  their original customers. Both Dennis and Margo actually think of many of  their clients as their extended family.  "Our job today is to make sure that our customers get exactly what they need.  And if they do not know what that is, we are here to offer our two cents, free of charge.  We are here to help our clients, today, as in the past, and to deliver an idea from inception to delivery, seamlessly and effortlessly on everyone's part!"

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